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Dr Rachel Woodlock is an academic and writer who researches and teaches about Islam and Muslims. She is currently a visiting lecturer in Islam at UCC. She co-edited Fear of Muslims? International Perspectives on Islamophobia with Professor Douglas Pratt (Springer, 2016), an evidenced-based examination of Islamophobia in both 'old-world' Europe and the 'new-world' of America and Australia, and also Southeast Asia. She also co-wrote For God's Sake: An Atheist, a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim Debate Religion (Pan MacMillan, 2013), discussing some of life's biggest questions.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Arabic & Islamic Studies) and a Master of Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne, and her doctoral research undertaken at Monash University looked at the social integration of religious Muslims in Australia. Dr Woodlock has lectured widely and taught subjects on Islam and Muslims at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her interests include Islamic theology, philosophy, comparative fiqh, praxis in minority contexts, as well as sectarian and heterodox movements. Although born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Rachel lives with her family in Tipperary, Ireland, which everyone delights in telling her is a long way to go.

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Courses & Lectures

  • Adult Continuing Education, University College Cork, 2018.
    I taught the 12-week short course "Islam and Muslims: An Introduction" with Dr Amanullah De Sondy.
  • National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne, 2011.
    I recorded the Islamic Practices component for a video lecture series organised by Professor Abdullah Saeed and Professor Purushottama Bilimoria on world religions.
  • Politics Department, School of Political & Social Inquiry, Monash University, 2010.
    I taught the postgraduate subject "Fringe Politics and Extremist Violence: An Introduction to Terrorism".
  • Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, Melbourne, 2010.
    I taught an eight-week course on Islam and Muslims at the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School held at the Magid Institute, Armadale.
  • Rachel Woodlock at Monash University.
    At Monash University, 2009.
    Cranlana Colloquium, Myer Foundation, 2006–2009.
    I lectured on Islam and Muslim reactions to modernity, at the Cranlana Colloquia held four times each year. In late 2008, I completed the colloquium as a participant.
  • Islam Awareness Training, Monash University, 2004, 2007–2008.
    I lectured on Islam and Muslims to the National Counter-Terrorism Committee Negotiators Course, members of the Australian Federal Police in Canberra and Adelaide, and members of Victoria Police at the Police Academy, Glen Waverley.


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Annotated Bibliography

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Peer-Reviewed Articles


Book cover of Isolation, Integration and Identity


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Book cover of Religious Diversity and the Social Inclusion of Muslim Australians


Unpublished Fiction & Poetry

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Audio & Visual

Brigid Aylward, Bara Alich, and Rachel Woodlock with Ray D'Arcy.
L-R: Brigid Aylward, Ray D'Arcy, Bara Alich, and Rachel Woodlock.


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